Holiday Inn Jeddah

Holiday Inn Jeddah

Just 2 km from the city center and just 5 kilometer from shores and tourist attractions for the Red Sea resorts, our Holiday Inn Jeddah-al-Salam resort may be the ideal site for your seminar, trade event or exclusive function, boasting two roomy ballrooms able to accommodate as much as 1600 delegates, plus four smaller meeting areas for 20 to 50 friends. On top of this we’ve a fully-equipped business center and Wi-Fi for the hotel – plus onsite parking services for those driving in.

Located 40 kilometer from Jeddah airport terminal and 60 kilometer from Holy City of Mekkah, our cosmopolitan services and main location are the perfect response both for Saudi and intercontinental conferences. The meeting areas offer an attractive, air-conditioned environment in which to plan your organization techniques or discuss the most recent marketing figures, however if you wish to get away from the boardroom for a while we’ve a pool, gym and spa to flake out in.

Al-Balad – the treasure into the eye of getaway Inn Jeddah

We’re uniquely placed close to both Central company District (CBD) and something of Jeddah’s top places of interest – the gleaming white Medina Gate. In sixteenth century, this proud town had been beneath the rule associated with the Turkish Ottoman Empire, its massive wall space pierced by six staunch gates and watchtowers. Unfortunately, all that stays is this one gate, the remainder having been mostly torn down inside post-war period. But the Old Town of Al-Balad continues to be mainly intact, and only a few momemts’ stroll from our resort.

As Jeddah’s company area broadened, Al-Balad was at danger of being torn-down in preference of high-rises. Although a lot of damage ended up being done, it was rescued from additional development inside 1990s. In 2007 the Jeddah Urban Development business ended up being established to bring back the Al-Balad region and transform it to a heritage part of historical structures and old-fashioned art centers. Heavy financial investment indicates fix works are already really underway, additionally the hope will be develop a cultural and history area the equal of El-Khalili in Cairo, and achieve addition on UN’s World Heritage listing.

To quickly attain Heritage reputation the town needs regional plus international cooperation – something had been partly attained, with both international and regional businesses working collectively regarding the renovation of 30 structures. We at getaway Inn Jeddah could not be better placed to offer the requirements of this project. Our rooms cater for both small-scale, private meetings and enormous community preparation events.

Souks and shopping centres

Because it appears, Al Balad and its own environs tend to be quickly getting a centre for commerce and tourism. The glittering modern-day skyscrapers house numerous huge Saudi companies – among them the head office of this nationwide Commercial Bank. The upscale departmental stores are home to numerous high-end European fashion designer shops, within the ancient souks and alleyways neighborhood dealers ply their particular products.

We at Holiday Inn Jeddah suggest you leave your designer shopping for another day, and visit the active souks of Gabil, Alawiyyin and Al-Badawi, to see how little life has truly changed since the days of the Six Watchtowers as well as the Ottoman Empire.

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